Capital Campaign Materials

Capital Campaign Materials

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Entering into a capital campaign is a major decision in the life of a church or non-profit organization. And making the decision to build a new church or remodel an existing facility stretches the faith and resources of the church leadership team as well as the congregation. As a capital campaign is begun, it is critical to clearly communicate the vision, purpose, and goals to the church community and its donors. Using well-executed capital campaign materials and media will help your target audience understand the plan as they exercise their faith and join you to contribute to the campaign initiatives.
For over 18 years, Robison Creative Studios has created innovative capital campaign materials and media which expertly convey the heart and mission of any campaign. Utilizing creativity and technology, our capital campaign materials will help you present a visually appealing, yet clear and concise message. Consultative services along with brochures, video, architectural 3D animation, interviews, newletters, email blasts, prayer calendars, printed and online updates and more – all are important in executing a successful campaign.
No matter how large or how small the scope of your capital campaign, by integrating online media, video production, print and event design, we have the tools to make your campaign fly.

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